News & Events From Provinces

Unnikkoottam Fest 20 17-18

Udaya Province FFT Dept. conducted Unnikkoottam Fest on 2/12/2017 for the Bible Nursery students. Th...Read More »
Province: Irinjalakuda

Canonical visit

Our beloved Mother General in our house...Read More »
Province: Kothamangalam

Formation day 2017

Formation day was celebrated on 28/9/2017...Read More »
Province: Kothamangalam

Kerala State Child Right Commission Member

Sr. Biji Jose was appointed as the Kerala State Child Right Commission Member. Congratulations and p...Read More »
Province: Idukki

Vestition 2017

Our newly Professed sisters 2017Sr. Anjaly TomSr. NimishaSr. AshlySr. Neenu ElizabethSr. Josmin...Read More »
Province: Kothamangalam

Final Profession 2017

Five of our sisters did their final profession in this year 2017.Sr. Therese Maria CMCSr. Anit CMCSr...Read More »
Province: Kothamangalam

75th year of Grace

Thanks be God For His inexpressible gift-75th years of Meloor Santhypuram convent...Read More »
Province: Angamaly

Special Gathering of Aged Sisters

We received our aged & sick sisters in Provincial House.They really enjoyed that day.Sr Glenda a...Read More »
Province: Angamaly

A New Leap In Massmedia

Sisters participating in Massmedia session...Read More »
Province: Angamaly

Retired Teachers Gathering-2017

Heartfelt thanks &prayerfull wishes for your retired life...Read More »
Province: Angamaly

Golden Jubilee-2017

Congratulations &Prayerfull wishes to our dear sisters...Read More »
Province: Angamaly

Gathering of "Dhasa Kudubam"

Gathering of  model families from Vengoor parish in CMC Marymatha Provincial House was very ins...Read More »
Province: Angamaly

Sr.Seena Jose CMC - Doctorate

Sr.Seena  Jose has completed her Licentiate in Sacramental Theology  at St.Anslem Universi...Read More »
Province: Kanjirapally

Got Doctorate

Sr.Tania George has completed  her MBBS from St.John's Medical College  , Bangalore ...Read More »
Province: Kanjirapally

Balika Bahavan Children

...Read More »
Province: Kanjirapally